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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Humans Make Great Companions

Been a bit bored lately. Sleeping a lot. (I think it's just because of the colder weather coming) I think it's mainly due to the lack of pets around here. Don't get me wrong, humans make great companions, but theres nothing like the company of cats.

There's the dog next door. Not gonna happen. We don't see eye to eye for one. Apart from him there's a ginger cat around the corner who I've yet to see but have heard Laura talk about a few times. He seems nice. It's a bit of a walk though. Let him come to me I say.

See I've only lived in Watsons Bay for about 6 months. Before that I lived in Clovelly for about 8 years. Around the corner from me lived this cat named Minky. Here is a photo of her:

At first we didn't get on but over the years we became pretty close. Well when I say pretty close I mean we tolerated each other instead of spitting every time we would meet. (I used to think Mink had a terrible lisp when I first met her due to all the spitting she would do)

Occasionally we would eat off the same plate. Though not at the same time. Often Mink would come and lay just whiskers away from where I was sleeping. I'd wake up and we'd be right next to each other.

At first it wagged me but over the years it became quite comforting knowing someone else was with you when you were vulnerable. (Safety in numbers and all that)

The last couple of years together I used to look forward to her visits. And now being alone I realise how much I enjoyed her company. I've been thinking about Mink a lot lately. Wondering what she's up to these days. The Family have been around a few times to the old neighbourhood but haven't seen her. I guess she's too busy having fun. I hope she is.


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